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New Businesses

We Look Forward to Working With You!

Welcome to the Town of Campobello! Below is information on how to get started. 

Zoning and Sign Guidelines

Take a look at our zoning ordinances, and other helpful information listed at the bottom of this page.  A sign permit is required if you want to advertise your business with a sign. 

Building Inspections

Before applying for your business license, a fire inspection will need to be done. Please contact our Fire Marshal, Russell Hart, at (864) 468-4921 or



Business Licenses

Please contact the Town Clerk to make sure the type of business you're interested in starting meets zoning district guidelines. That will be determined by our Planning and Zoning Committee, which meet once a month on the second Tuesday of the month.  Check out their page at 'Planning and Zoning Committee'

After you obtain the Certificate of Occupancy, then you will need to obtain a business license from the Town of Campobello. 

If you are a contractor conducting business within the Town but your physical address is located outside the town, your license fee will be doubled. 

Local Hospitality Tax

The Town of Campobello has enacted a 2% Hospitality Tax on prepared food and beverages. A prepared meal is any food or beverage, including alcoholic beverages, beer and wine, prepared or modified by an establishment, which at the time of sale is ready for consumption. Business owners collect and remit the tax directly to the Town of Campobello. The Hospitality Tax provides a source of revenue for funding tourist-related projects. Check out these frequently asked questions regarding hospitality tax. 

Restaurants, bars, private clubs, hotels and motels, caterers, grocery stores, convenience stores and other food establishments are responsible for collecting this tax from patrons and are required to remit such collections to the local government.

Please remit hospitality taxes to the Town of Campobello on a monthly basis. Download a Monthly Reporting Form for your use. 


Other Helpful information & documents

The Town of Campobello has a Code Enforcement Officer, who can be reached by emailing or by calling Town Hall at (864) 468-4545.  For more information regarding our property maintenance codes, please review the latest edition of the International Property Maintenance Code.


Please go to our 'Ordinances & More' page for a complete list of forms, ordinances & plans for our Town! 


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